Need to Establish Credit?

Improve your credit profile by using the FCPS tools to establish credit! Positive credit can have a lot of benefits to your credit scores. It can add a positive payment history as well as lower your Debt Utilization Ratio’s. These 2 factors alone can help you see tremendous improvement in your scores. 

When establishing credit to improve your credit stick to Credit Cards. Revolving accounts have more of an instant impact on your scores. An installment loan (car loan, personal loan, mortgage, etc) has a set monthly payment. Your credit scores look at that payment history to determine your scores. If it is a new account there is no history to show you are making your payments. It’s a risk to the credit scoring models and can lower your scores until you have consistent payments.

Credit Cards are the ideal tool to establish credit. Scoring models look at your credit card balances as well as the payment history. Keeping a low balance can help improve your scores faster than installment loans. 

When dealing with credit issues when applying for a credit card, you may not get approved. Secured credit cards are a good option while you are working on your credit scores. They may not be the ideal terms or conditions, but they are a tool that can be valuable.

Need Advice?

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We concentrate on credit card products in many categories such as:

  • Secured Credit Cards
  • Unsecured Credit Cards
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Student Cards
  • No Credit Cards
  • Good Credit
  • and Excellent Credit.

Are you in need of other types of credit? FCPS also provides a wide variety of financial products including:

  • Merchant Accounts
  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Reports
  • Credit Monitoring Services
  • Stock Trading Accounts
  • Payday Loans and more.

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