Credit Repair Services

Remove inaccurate and unverifiable information from your credit report with FCPS Credit Repair Services. Improve your scores and start saving thousands of dollars a year!

FCPS Credit Repair Services

Our credit repair services remove inaccurate and unverifiable information from your credit report. We do this by using consumer protection laws that protect you from malicious practices. If an account is inaccurate or unverifiable, it is required to be correct or deleted from your credit.

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The Initial Audit

The first step in your credit repair services is to audit your credit report and look for errors. These errors may seem small but can have a big impact on your scores. We also review your debt ratio (balances / credit limit), payment history, and more. This gives us a complete view of what needs to be disputed and investigated.

Your audit will define the steps that we will need to take to help you improve your credit scores. Steps may include getting new credit, paying down credit cards, or settling bad debt. You are now on your way to better credit!

The Dispute Process

Your Credit Repair services includes disputing or investigating accounts identified in your audit. This involves submitting disputes to the credit bureaus and your creditors. This process can take some time, some times up to 6 months or more.

Since everyone’s credit is different the time may vary. On average our clients start seeing improvements in their scores within 30 to 45 days. We find that our average clients are ready to graduate our credit repair services after 4 to 5 months (MUCH better than 7 to 10 years!).

Credit Repair Results

Credit Scores use a very complex algorithm. Trying to guess your scores will be after your credit repair services is impossible. There are factors outside of our control such us payments or new collections.

Our philosophy is simple, we will be open with you about what is going on and work as hard as we can to improve your scores. We are not going to try to convince you to enroll in our services by giving you false hope – but we will fight on your side!

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She is very knowledgeable of finance and has helped me a great deal. This is only the beginning of a long relationship of success!

Mary L Harris


Every situation is different. Let us know if you want to talk about our Credit Repair Services to see how we can help you! There is no cost and no obligation!