Budget and Savings

Get your finances on track with FCPS Budget services. Our program helps you manage your money in a way that makes sense for you and is easy to stick to.

Budget and Savings

The most common reason people get into credit trouble is lack of budget. This does not mean that bills are not paid but rather no aggressive plan to save. It is the key to your long term financial success.

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FCPS Budget Services

Over 65% of the population in the United States does has less than $1,000 saved. In the event of an emergency these families will find themselves in need of cash so they turn to their credit. After the crisis, paying back those debts now puts a strain on their finances.

“Budget: an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time”

A situation that could have been easily avoided is now a daily stress for families everywhere. We have talked to hundreds of people about budgets and the recurring theme is lack of discipline. It seems that there is a conception that you have to have an iron will to not overspend!

FCPS helps families with their budget. This is not just crunching numbers and hoping to have some extra left over. It is an attitude of what our money is doing for us, telling it where to go, and not always giving in to impulse. Our services can help you turn your finances around and start to save.

During our sessions we focus on what is important to make your budget work. This may include fun activities for your family, money for hobbies, beauty care and more. We also encourage our families to consider rewarding themselves for keeping their budget. This may include setting money aside for a movie night, or a night on the town.

When your budget isn’t a burden you want to follow it and save. FCPS helps take the away burden and focus on making your money work for you.

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She is very knowledgeable of finance and has helped me a great deal. This is only the beginning of a long relationship of success!

Mary L Harris


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